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Story Books is all i've got
Sunday, June 27, 20107:50 AM
Storybook is like a friend who you can always understand
you can always put it in your haed and never forget it.
I have storybooks on my hand night and day
My parents stop rearly let me use the computer or watch tv
so i have no other option but to read
but reading is one off the way that i can forget everything.
and just one week i have read three wonderful storybooks 

I really love this book...
i hope it can be one a movie i thing its even better

This book is not as good as the puzzle ring.

This book is weird the story line is very weird
but when you read it it gives you a WOW

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I failed people!!!!
Friday, June 25, 20105:11 AM
Thx to you guys who support me...
I just wanna tell you guys thath i failed two subject
Im like so sad.
Hope next time i can get better results.
Can you imagine??
Ew look so ugly in the report card lar.
Two G's never mind.
The others all also macam just pass.
Not a single A-
A- also cant get....how sad is that?
Gosh its all C's and B's
There are some girls who didn't fail at all
some get all A's somemore
Form four is like so stress.
Cant have any life just study, study and study!
I cant eccept it lor.

So people start studying now,
so you won regret when you take you results.

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Saturday, June 19, 20105:52 AM
I cant belive it.
I almost finish my holiday homework
I know. I know.
Holiday is going to end so What??
But i thought i was never going to finish it
Who knows rite??
see know i almost finish it.
And i still feel like dreaming.
Dont be shock.
seriously. Anyway results is coming out.
i know im going to fail alot of subjects
But please dont fail every subjects that i have taken
cause this will be very MEMALUKAN.


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KL is my life!!!
Sunday, June 13, 20109:40 PM

Im FINALLY BACK in ipoh!!! woots
The thing i remember most its the FOOD...
House opening in kl
There is food, food and food!!!
Gosh i remember eating.
The food is super duper nice...

kay last just stop talking about food
i have no photo for the food.
sorry ppl!!

Few days later we went shopping.(sunway pyramid)
didn't bought any cause its to expensive.... T.T
1st we went to Cotton On saw this cloth
RM69.90(not that rich to buy this T.T)

Nexts stop NICHII
the first cloth i spotted on is
Front ; Back
RM 59.90
Next one
If im not mistaken its >RM50
I hope i could buy it....



Dinner at hotel(i have forgotten which hotel)
The food there sucks!!! It totally not worte forty bucks.
I should have eaten alacarte .Jeremiah, Jayden and me tried there oyster.
Its is not nice at all. i just taste like metal. i dun know but it
have a funny taste.
After eating the children start running around the hotel. 
one of them even use ice-cream to wash their hands. I was shock when i saw them doing that.
they even throw ice at each other. shake head shake head. 
the teens are never going to play with them(its comment)
so we end up taking photo around the hotel area.
i even to the photo of the restroom simbol

i dun know why but i really love this sign... lol
and that day i realise that all the teen gurls have bling on their phones


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